Breaking down BRAVE CF 40’s main event: Mochamed Machaev vs. Shoaib Yousaf

Mochamed Machaev sits atop the cage. Credit: BRAVE CF

In the main event of BRAVE Combat Federation’s BRAVE CF 40, two top prospects will clash in Stockholm, Sweden, as Austria’s Mochamed Machaev (9-0) will take on England’s Shoaib Yousaf (7-1).

MMA-Prospects brings you the following breakdown of the matchup, complete with relevant information, statistics, and analyses.

Tale of the Tape

Mochamed Machaev (9-0)
Age: 20-years-old
Height: 5’7″
From: Vienna, Austria
Gym: Allstars Training Center
K-1 kickboxing record of 7-0
Combined Record of Opposition: 21-21

Shoaib Yousaf (7-1)
Age: 25-years-old
Height: 5’8″
From: Lancashire, England
Gym: Predators Gym
2016 International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) featherweight champion
Combined Record of Opposition: 49-22

Pros and Cons

Mochamed “The Best” Machaev


  • Explosive
  • Solid wrestling
  • Good jab
  • Very quick
  • Aggressive, commanding pressure
  • Good ground and pound
  • Diverse striking arsenal
  • Good cardio
  • Thrives in scrambles


  • Takedown defense needs work
  • Will give up his back in positional jockeying
  • Head stays on the centerline when striking

Shoaib Yousaf


  • Dynamic
  • Good knees
  • Active guard
  • Good defensive grappling
  • Good kicks and elbows
  • Solid ground and pound
  • Adept counter striking
  • Solid grappling


  • Takedown defense needs some improvements
  • Doesn’t check leg kicks at times
  • Cardio needs work
  • Put on the back foot easily when pressured

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Machaev.

Machaev is just the more polished striker. He mixes in combinations much more. Though Yousaf has good striking, Machaev is way more active, diverse, aggressive, and has the speed advantage.

Speed: Machaev

Output/Volume: Machaev.

Yousaf is known more for his Muay Thai and sniper-like ability from the outside, while Machaev is constantly throwing combinations, mixing in a bit of everything.

Knockout Power: Neither.

Between the two, neither has a clean knockout win on their record. If there was an advantage, it would present itself in the clinch, because Yousaf has some nasty knees.

Chin: Machaev.

The reason I’m taking Machaev is that I’ve seen him take some flush strikes right on the chin, and he took it all very well. I’ve never actually seen Yousaf take anything flush on the feet.

Kickboxing: Machaev.

Machaev has a background in kickboxing, and he has had success in K-1. Yousaf does have some excellent kicks, but as a whole, Machaev beats him in that area.

Footwork: Machaev.

Not by a large margin, but at times, Yousaf is a bit plodding with his movement. Machaev is constantly moving around, giving him the edge.

Wrestling: Machaev.

Although his foundation style is kickboxing, Machaev has some underrated wrestling. He’s very good at pressing against the cage and changing levels to the knees, getting the textbook double-leg – and sometimes even elevating opponents in the air and taking them across the cage – for a big takedown.

Grappling: Yousaf.

Both are nearly even when it comes to grappling, but Yousaf is just a little more technical. Machaev is good in scrambles and has better ground and pound, but Yousaf is the better all-around grappler – even defensively.

Submissions: Yousaf.

Machaev has one submission win and Yousaf has two. Neither is really a submission threat, but Yousaf will actively throw up submission attempts, while Machaev is more about landing strikes and keeping positional control.

Cardio: Machaev.

For the pace Machaev puts on, he has a deep gas tank. Yousaf doesn’t have bad cardio, but he does visibly slow as the fight goes.


The list of advantages outlined above makes it seem as though a Machaev win is all but assured, but that’s not the full story. This is a razor-close fight between two high-level prospects – it just appears that Machaev is to some degree ahead of his opponent on those fronts.

On the feet, I would give a significant advantage to Machaev. Machaev is far more technical and much faster, which should allow him to get off his combinations and circle away from the power strikes of Yousaf.

Yousaf doesn’t check leg kicks, and that’s an area on which Machaev can capitalize, too.

Yousaf does have a grappling advantage, but by no means is it clear-cut. Machaev is actually the better wrestler, so he would likely be the one getting takedowns in this bout.

Yousaf has a good guard but the likelihood of him submitting Machaev off his back is low.

Look for Machaev to stay undefeated at BRAVE CF 40.