Breaking down LFA’s undefeated bantamweight showdown: Mando Gutierrez vs. ‘Mo’ Miller

While LFA 90’s main event pits two undefeated bantamweight contenders in Ricky Steele (6-0) and Zviad Lazishvili (10-0) against one another, it’s not the only fight to fit those criteria.

Top Ohioan prospect and StrongStyle Fight Team member Maurice “Mo” Miller (3-0) and fellow undefeated prospect, Mexican-American Mando “El Toro” Gutierrez (4-0), are set to clash on LFA 90’s main card.

Tale of the Tape

Mando Gutierrez (4-0)
Age: 23 years old
Height: 5’6″
Fighting out of: East Lansing, Michigan, US
Gym: Murcielago MMA
Combined Record of Opposition: 6-6

Mo Miller (3-0)
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5’8″
Fighting out of: Kenton, Ohio, US
Gym: Strong Style Fight Team
Three-time All-American at Notre Dame
Combined Record of Opposition: 5-7

Pros and Cons

Mando “El Toro” Gutierrez


  • Fast starter
  • Good wrestling
  • Flows effortlessly on top
  • Good power double-leg takedown
  • Hyper-aggressive style
  • Excellent guillotine choke
  • Big submission threat
  • Strong
  • Solid jiu-jitsu
  • Smooth back takes
  • Good kicking game


  • Small for the weight class

Maurice “Mo” Miller


  • Good feints
  • Sniper-like right hand
  • Good top position control
  • Proficient one-two punches
  • Good wrestling


  • Will put himself in bad positions at times

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Miller.

Gutierrez isn’t really a striker, and he only fights behind kicks on the feet. Miller is pretty technical on the feet, as he sets up everything he throws well. He throws a good one-two, will pump his jab, and his right hand is a heavy weapon.

Speed: Gutierrez.

Output/Volume: Gutierrez.

Miller is a more of a tactical fighter than a brawler, picking his shots and waiting for openings. Gutierrez is the opposite. “El Toro” is a ball of energy in the cage, throwing a lot of output to close the distance and initiate his strong grappling game.

Knockout Power: Miller.

Gutierrez has all his wins by submission or decision; he has no wins by KO/TKO in either his professional or amateur career. Miller has four combined KO/TKO finishes. I’m not sure if Miller has a clean knockout win, but he does have the power to sit someone down.

Chin: Unknown

Kickboxing: Gutierrez.

Gutierrez, while he is on the feet, does throw mainly kicks. He actively attacks the legs and goes up high with his leg strikes quite often. Even if he’s not landing at a high rate, he is throwing so much that it helps to keep his opponents guessing.

Footwork: Gutierrez.

Nothing significant on this front to push anyone in either direction, but Gutierrez does a lot of bouncing around where Miller is much more grounded in his stance.

Wrestling: Gutierrez.

Now, Miller might be the better wrestler, since he was an All-American during his college days. With that said, in their respective MMA careers, Gutierrez has landed far more takedowns. Though Miller has landed takedowns of his own, Gutierrez has just been able to secure many more of them throughout his career to date. Also, it’s not like Gutierrez is working hard to get these takedowns; he’s elevating opponents and putting them down with ease.

Grappling: Gutierrez.

Miller is a guy that seems to rely on top positioning, where Gutierrez is an active transitional grappler. Gutierrez is much more fluid in his grappling and is above all a finisher.

Submissions: Gutierrez.

This is where Gutierrez has the biggest advantage. Miller has zero submission wins, while Gutierrez has ten submission victories over his amateur and pro careers. Once Gutierrez gets to the mat, his jiu jitsu always shines. He can easily take the back and lock in a rear-naked choke. Even off his back, he’s got fluid hips and can lock in an armbar quite quickly. Gutierrez has an excellent guillotine choke, as well, with three submissions coming by way of guillotine.

Cardio: Even.

Both Miller and Gutierrez seem to go three rounds with no problems. I like the gas tanks on both fighters, but I will say, with the pace Gutierrez fights at, I’m surprised at how fresh he is in the later rounds.


I like both guys here; I think both could have a bright future with how they have competed early in their career.

I think Miller has the style to go far with his patient but technical approach on the feet and some solid wrestling to fall back on, but Miller just hasn’t fought anyone like Gutierrez with the pressure that “El Toro” puts on opponents. Though I think both guys can take each other down, Gutierrez has a distinct jiu-jitsu/grappling advantage.

I won’t be surprised if Miller can pull off the win because you can say he is the more well-rounded fighter, but I’m leaning towards Gutierrez due to his constant pressure and his superior ground game.