New England’s Next: Undefeated Joe Lauzon prodigy Marty Navis set for CES return

Marty Navis (right) earns victory in the Cage Titans cage. Credit: Cage Titans, Igdalia LLC.

As many New Englanders know, UFC legend Joe Lauzon’s Lauzon MMA gym is the center of New England MMA. The prestigious gym in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is home to numerous UFC names, such as Pete Barrett, Randy Costa, and Mike Rodriguez. Most importantly, Lauzon’s has some of the most highly touted prospects in not only the region, but the country as a whole.

In Week 2 of the New England’s Next series, MMA-Prospects took a dive into Mitchell Raposo’s story and future, and in Week 4, MMA-Prospects checked out the “Water Buffalo,” Fabio Cherant. Well, here in Week 5 of New England’s Next, it’s back to the Lauzon well.

Enter undefeated 26-year-old welterweight prospect Marty Navis.

Navis is 4-0 professionally, and at 26 years of age, not even close to his athletic MMA prime. All four of Navis’ victories have come by way of finish, and most times, in brutal fashion. Navis will enter the cage again soon for the first time since November of 2019, as CES MMA makes its anticipated return to action.

CES has not announced an official date, although this reporter has heard rumblings of a date in mid-October.

“There is a huge chance,” Navis told MMA-Prospects regarding rumors of his involvement in CES’ return. “Actually, I am on the card – already been called, have an opponent. I have a date, but I’ll leave it up to [CES] to make those announcements.”

Navis, most regional MMA fighters, has had to endure the anxieties of not knowing when they may step into the cage again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For Navis, the question has finally been answered, and as always, his training for the bout will take place in his second home, Lauzon’s MMA.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without the guys at Lauzon’s. Anywhere. Someone always has something for you to learn,” said Navis. “Anything you do wrong, there is someone there to help me out. We all have each other to lean on, whether you are big-time or just starting up.”

Navis had some special words for his longtime head coach and friend Joe Lauzon. The legendary UFC stalwart has become just as renowned in the coaching setting as he has throughout his lengthy Octagon career.

“Joe is so smart; he just knows everything,” Navis said. “He’d laugh before every fight. I swear, man, each fight, Joe comes out with some explanation before I get in the cage. It’s insane. He knows what is going to happen before I do, and each fight it happens and Joe’s right.”

Navis has made no secret that his rough-and-tumble outlook as a young teen has molded him into the fighter he is today. Getting into fights as a kid, being suspended from, and even kicked out of, school, Navis needed something to get his aggression out. Mixed martial arts became the perfect outlet.

“I was fighting, been fighting, my whole life. I’ve been kicked out of school. I was a troubled child; I didn’t want to listen, and at 12 years old, I needed this. at 17, I started training, and here I am almost 10 years later, a professional fighter at 4-0,” said Navis.

As for what Navis believes is his best attribute inside the cage, whether it be in Cage Titans in Plymouth or in his upcoming CES bout at Twin River. Navis believes there are parts of his game he hasn’t even shown off, yet but he believes that it’s his mindset that separates him from the rest.

“My stand up game is dominant,” Navis said. “I need to be good everywhere to make it in this sport, so I’ve worked hard on it all. Before you even get into that, though, you need a mindset. My mindset is to have no remorse. Nothing personal; it is all business. You need your mind there, ready to go, when you enter that cage. I have one of the strongest mindsets.”

As for a prediction for his next fight, Navis is confidently succinct:

“First round knockout.”