New England’s Next: Eddy George and his mullet return in chase for CES title

Eddy George signs his CES bout agreement. Credit: Eddy George, Instagram

As New England promotion CES MMA’s official social media account so aptly proclaimed, “The best mullet in MMA” returns on October 14th for CES 61.

Eddy George (1-0) made his professional debut back in the beginning of the year. In January, he had never imagined that nine months later, he’d still only be 1-0, but he is thankful to finally make the walk once again.

“It was frustrating, but that was the case for everyone in the pandemic – still is, for lots of people,” George told MMA-Prospects. “I never expected my second fight to be all the way in October, but I mean, it’s here, finally, and I’m ready for this, man.”

George has been scheduled three times since his debut in January. The two previous bouts were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As is the case for all MMA prospects looking to continue to their higher goals, the pandemic slowed down the pace.

For George, as a new father, it was added stress not knowing when he could next provide for his family. That didn’t stop him from working harder than ever.

“I used my time during quarantine to hone in on my skills,” George said.

“I focused on conditioning, had a small private group with [Bellator standout] Nick [Newell]. It was stressful, being a new father. I do this to provide for my family,” George continued.

“This is my full-time job. I need to improve my record to continue this journey to provide for them.”

George trains under one of the top minds in the New England region, Nick Newell, at Fighting Arts Academy. Newell is signed to Bellator MMA and has competed on Dana White’s Contender Series.

George believes Newell is setting him up for continued success, and it starts October 14 against Frank Mazepa.

“He’s such a great mind,” George said. “He truly cares about his fighters. When I first started, I was pushing to get a fight immediately. He slowed my roll, spoke realities to me, and told me to keep showing up to the gym. That showed me how much he cares about his fighters, about the whole gym.”

The CES 61 event is full of premier New England talent. Some top names include the likes of Kris Moutinho and some fellow features from this New England’s Next series, Mitch Raposo, Fabio Cherant, and Marty Navis.

George is happy to be amongst some of the top names in New England for the return of the UFC feeding ground.

“CES has been around for a long time, they aren’t fools. They know talent when they see it,” said George. “I feel like CES are talent seekers; they see my talent from a mile away.”

For those unfamiliar with Eddy George, he believes his best attribute is his ability to soak in information from Nick Newell and some of the top names at FAA. George believes that two years to this day, the UFC will be calling his name.

“Perfect-world scenario, two years to the day I’m in the UFC,” George said, laying out his plans. “I have the CES world title, I get a call for Contender Series and win that, and get signed. With COVID, who knows if that is possible, but that is the perfect-world scenario.”

As for a prediction for his CES bout with Frank Mazepa, George is extremely confident in his abilities, and he’s ready to show it.

“I can get the finish whenever I want – first round. I’ve worked a lot on my conditioning, so maybe I beat him pillar to post and finish him in the third and show it off. Either way, I’ll be getting the finish.”

Possibly the most important aspect of this whole interview, however, was his glorious mullet.

Ahead of an opportunity to compete in CES’ return on the sizable platform of UFC Fight Pass, George has been extra careful with his trademarked hair.

“I’m moisturizing extra. It’s looking healthy… it has to look good for the cameras on Fight Pass.”