After viral KO, Jamelle Jones reveals hateful messages, upcoming multi-fight deal

Jamelle Jones knocks out Tyler King (left) and raises his arms in victory (right). Credit: CES MMA.

CES heavyweight Jamelle Jones (10-6) scored a massive finish against New England standout heavyweight Tyler King (12-9) in the pair’s CES 61 clash last week.

King, a veteran of Bellator, RIZIN, and the World Series of Fighting (WSOF), closed the distance on Jones, who in turn fired off a counter left hand that immediately dropped King to the canvas.

As fighters are instructed to do in MMA, Jones continued to fight until he was pulled off by a referee, landing three hammerfists to his downed foe before the referee intervened.

King was knocked unconscious, and needed a few minutes to recover inside the ring while attended by cage-side medical personnel.

It was a highlight-reel knockout, a peak performance for a Contender Series, Ultimate Fighter, and CFFC veteran in Jamelle Jones looking to make a name for himself, but it was also a finish that also came with hateful repercussions.

“I get some disgusting stuff in my inbox, some hate mail,” Jones told MMA-Prospects in regards to the response he received after the fight. “‘F*ck you, N*****,’ ignorant racist messages; hurtful messages… People telling me I’m going to hell, that they can’t wait for me to be knocked out like that.”

Jones says despite his efforts to block such commenters, the messages continued.

“I get a lot of love, but I just block those [hateful] people, but they find a way to get to me.”

The 32-year-old heavyweight is unscathed by the messages of hate. In a world in which racial tensions have risen and hateful discourse abounds online, Jones ignores the ignorance and praises those who spread love.

Jones’ knockout was played over and over on ESPN’s and other major outlets’ social media accounts and was awarded the Knockout of the Night honors at CES 61. On ESPN’s MMA Twitter account alone, the clip has accumulated nearly 50,000 views at the time of this writing.

Jones spoke on the nature of the finish, and told MMA-Prospects that the referee overseeing the bout advised both fighters prior to the bout that the fight is over only when they heard the bell, or he intervened.

“Like [UFC star Jorge] Masvidal said, it was ‘Super necessary,'” said Jones of the follow-up blows, in reference to Masvidal’s finishing strikes in the BMF champion’s match with Ben Askren.

“In the cage, I’m a beast – the fans gave me that nickname for a reason. Before the fight, the referee spoke to both of us: ‘You don’t stop unless I intervene; you fight.’ I did my job to finish that.”

Jones was grateful that his opponent, King, was not seriously injured by the strikes, adding, “Thank God he’s not hurt.”

Jones has won three of his last four fights since a losing effort on the Contender Series, dropping his lone loss during that period to UFC signee William Knight.

A training partner of UFC contender Michael Chiesa, Jones spoke highly of, and credited his success in part to, what he described as his “small tight-knit gym.” Alongside fighters like Chiesa and fellow UFC fighter Julianna Pena, Jones trains under head coach Rick Little.

“We are just people out of this area [in Spokane, WA],” Jones stated. “They let me in in 2014. Rick brought me in. This was my purpose: to get in the win column for my gym. We got people who can’t get a fight; my coach’s father passed away… I needed to get this win for the team.”

In addition to the thrill of scoring a victory for his team, Jones was ecstatic to see all the hype that the KO garnered, especially since going into the fight, he believed the promotion had somewhat snubbed building up Jones in favor of promoting the local, King.

“They didn’t really promote me,” Jones said. “It was short notice, and I get it, King is their guy, but I didn’t get much love. At the end of the day, I’m on a mission, a dream, to get to the UFC, and I have so much more to showcase. This brought a lot of value to me.”

The Washington native revealed that although not official yet, he has a multi-fight deal on the horizon on the strength of his recent successes. Jones noted that the deal provides for an out clause in the event his name is called once more for the Contender Series, or the UFC outright.

“I have some news. Not official yet, though,” Jones teased. “Can’t let it out the bag yet, [but] it’s a multi-fight contract, and my intention is the UFC. If I was to get a DWCS offer or UFC, the contract voids,” Jones continued.

“My goal is UFC. This contract secures fights and a platform for me.”