A Q&A with undefeated LFA flyweight prospect Abril Anguiano

Abril Anguiano poses at the ceremonial weigh-ins at Combate Americas 48. Credit: Combate Americas, Facebook Live.

In this Q&A session, MMA-Prospects’ Shawn Bitter spoke with undefeated flyweight prospect Abril Anguiano (3-0) about her career, which includes two knockouts and a 2019 appearance in Combate Americas.

Shawn Bitter: First of all, how did you get into MMA?

Abril Anguiano: There isn’t a true explanation of why I became a fighter it’s just something that’s always been in my head. It went from school fights to Cage fights.

Bitter: At what point in your career did you decide this sport is your future?

Anguiano: I knew from the first day of training that MMA was my future.

Bitter: Do you have a background in any other sports?

Anguiano: From the age of 7-10, I did judo. I won several tournaments. Other than that, I played soccer one year back in high school.

Bitter: From your four career fights, what have you learned and what is going to make you the fighter you know you can be?

Anguiano: I learned that opportunities come when you least expect them, so to just keep the ball rolling moving forward.

Bitter: Has there been any strong athletic inspiration to you? Someone that you draw motivation from?

Anguiano: There aren’t many athletes that inspire me but one would be Muhammad Ali’s character of not giving a (expletive).

Bitter: Where are you currently training and who are some of your main sparring partners?

Anguiano: I’m currently training at WarRoom MMA and Kickboxing and The Gym Boxing. My training partners vary from who is at the gym. It ranges from pros to amateurs.

Bitter: You fought at 115 lbs, 125 lbs, 145 lbs, and at a catchweight. What weight class do you see yourself fighting at in the future?

Anguiano: I’m working my way down to 115 to dominate there and work my way up.

Bitter: What does your diet consist of? What’s your favorite meal to eat after a fight?

Anguiano: My diet is really what’s in the fridge but knowing what to eat and after the fights, it’s Mexican food!

Bitter: What does a day in the life of Abril Anguiano look like?

Anguiano: A day in my life is working at night, sleep some during the day, and train in the evening; and repeat it.

Bitter: You’re fighting for LFA next in March. It’s known they are the #1 feeder promotion to the UFC, so how does it feel to be getting ready to fight for a promotion of those standards?

Anguiano: LFA is the next step and accomplishment in my career; to go from seeing LFA posters in the gym to fighting for them [is special].

Bitter: You’re fighting Marisol Ruelas. What do you think of her as an opponent and how do you think you match up with her?

Anguiano: She is just the next opponent. She will bring the pressure, but [I] don’t see her scoring much.

Bitter: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Anguiano: I see myself as the champion of the world.

Bitter: For the fans that haven’t watched you yet, what should they expect?

Anguiano: They should expect a fight. I’ll take three [shots] to give one and take one to give three.

Bitter: Last question. Who do you fight for and why do you fight?

Anguiano: That isn’t an easy question, as there are many aspects to it, but deep down, I just fight for my family and their future.