KSW Rankings: Post-KSW 58 update – Super prospect Parnasse dethroned

Daniel Torres celebrates his win at KSW 58. Photo Credit: KSW Daniel Torres celebrates his win at KSW 58. Photo Credit: KSW

KSW 58 went down on January 30th, 2021 and was the first event of the year to be counted in the MMA-Prospects rankings.

It’s taken a little while to get the rankings together, but finally we are here to find out what happened when super prospect Salahdine Parnasse (14-1) put his newly crowned Featherweight belt on the line against Daniel Torres (12-4). Spoiler, that “1” on Parnasse’s record is new.

Here are the latest updates to the MMA-Prospects KSW rankings.


There was just one fight contested at bantamweight during KSW’s last event. The 135-pound bout was between Paweł Polityło (6-2) and David Martinik (4-2). While it wasn’t the one sided affair that many expected, Polityło did enough to come out with his hand raised but remains in third place within the division. Martinik, a newcomer to KSW, enters the top 10 in last place.

  1. Antun Račić (c)
  2. Sebastian Przybysz
  3. Paweł Polityło
  4. Damian Stasiak
  5. Bruno Santos
  6. Lemmy Krušič
  7. Jakub Wikłacz
  8. Patryk Surdyn
  9. Dawid Gralka
  10. David Martinik ⬆️(UR)



All eyes were on the main event as everyone expected Salahdine Parnasse to cruise to another impressive victory. Parnasse had been rumoured for a UFC shot, as well a crack at KSW Lightweight champion Marian Ziółkowski (22-8-1), but Daniel Torres had other plans with his first round stoppage. In a bizarre finish, Parnasse seemed to duck under a hook from Torres, only to see a slither of Daniel’s bicep connect with the champion’s head. Parnasse went down and the fans were stunned. Naturally, Torres moves up to the top spot while Parnasse has to regroup in second place.

Seventh place Robert Ruchała (5-0) was also in action, but he competed five pounds above the featherweight weight limit at 150lbs. It was another impressive performance and Ruchała looks to have a bright future in Poland’s top promotion, but it wasn’t enough to effect his standings in the division.

  1. Daniel Torres (c) ⬆️(#2)
  2. Salahdine Parnasse ⬇️(#1)
  3. Filip Pejić
  4. Filip Wolański
  5. Max Coga
  6. Krzysztof Klaczek
  7. Robert Ruchała
  8. Michał Domin



Francisco Albano Barrio (8-2) returned to action after a razor close majority decision loss to Mateusz Legierski (7-0) in November. The Argentinian managed to battle out a decision win over Bartłomiej Kopera (9-7), allowing him to steal the number 10 spot from Łukasz Rajewski (10-6) by the smallest of margins.

Second-ranked Shamil Musaev (15-0) was also in action, beating Uroš Jurišić (11-1) in a Welterweight contest. A mass brawl ensued after the fight, leaving question marks over the KSW future for Musaev as well as cornerman, fourth-ranked middleweight and MMA-Prospects KSW New Signing of the Year winner, Abusupiyan Magomedov (24-4). While we don’t know what the future holds for either man, Musaev remains in second place at lightweight.

  1. Marian Ziółkowski (c)
  2. Shamil Musaev
  3. Norman Parke
  4. Borys Mańkowski
  5. Leszek Krakowski
  6. Roman Szymański
  7. Artur Sowiński
  8. Maciej Kazieczko
  9. Gracjan Szadziński
  10. Francisco Albano Barrio ⬆️(UR)


Michał Michalski (9-4) remains one of the most devastating forces at welterweight, turning back newcomer Aleksandar Rakas (16-8) by KO in the first round. Unfortunately for Michalski, he’s being gatekept by number two ranked Krystian Kaszubowski (9-1) who holds a KO win over him from 2018. Champion Roberto Soldić (18-3) has not made his full intentions clear as of yet, so it’s unknown if he’ll defend the belt against one of these men, or continue to have his sights set on 185lbs.

Although Uroš Jurišić (11-1) was unsuccessful in his endeavours against Shamil Musaev, his impressive resume is enough to see him slip into a number 8 spot. Let’s just hope his corner stays calm enough to let him rebound with a victory. The addition of Jurišić unfortunately knocks Albert Odzimkowski (11-5) from the top 10.

  1. Roberto Soldić (c)
  2. Krystian Kaszubowski
  3. Michał Michalski
  4. Marius Zaromskis
  5. Andrzej Grzebyk
  6. Tomasz Romanowski
  7. Chistian Eckerlin
  8. Uroš Jurišić ⬆️(UR)
  9. Kacper Koziorzębski
  10. Tomasz Jakubiec


No changes.

  1. Mamed Khalidov (c)
  2. Scott Askham
  3. Roberto Soldic (c, WW)
  4. Abusupiyan Magomedov
  5. Michał Materla
  6. Patrik Kincl
  7. Cezary Kęsik
  8. Aleksandar Ilić
  9. Damien Janikowski
  10. Tomasz Drwal


We’ve been waiting to add Martin Zawada (29-16) to the KSW rankings for a while, but repeated catchweight bouts prevented him from getting his name on paper. However, the light heavyweight bout against Szymon Kołecki (9-1) didn’t go his way as Kołecki utilized his impressive wrestling pedigree to grind out a decision. Kołecki was ranked sixth at heavyweight, however this appears to be a much more fitting division for him so he moves right up in to second place at 205-pounds. Zawada also gets an impressive position, following right behind Kołecki at number three.

    1. Tomasz Narkun (c)
    2. Szymon Kołecki⬆️(UR)
    3. Martin Zawada⬆️(UR)
    4. Ivan Erslan
    5. Przemysław Mysiala
    6. Łukasz Jurkowski
    7. Stjepan Bekavac


Finally, the lone movement in the big boy division saw previously number eight ranked Michał Andryszak (22-9) blast through kickboxer and former UFC fighter Guto Inocente (8-6). While Inocente already has another fight lined up, disqualifying him from the KSW rankings, the return to winning ways does wonders for Andryszak who shoots up to fifth in the division.

After much confusion over the future of number two ranked Ante Delija and his non-starter career with UFC, the announcement of his participation in the 2021 PFL Heavyweight tournament gives us some clarity of the Croatian’s contract and he is finally removed from the rankings. This leaves room for professional boxer Izu Ogonoh (1-0) to once again get his name shown. Ogonoh made his MMA and KSW debut, defeating Quentin Domingos (5-2) last August. Srdan Marovic (4-1) also breaks the top 10.

    1. Phil De Fries (c)
    2. Damian Grabowski
    3. Michał Kita
    4. Karol Bedorf
    5. Michał Andryszak⬆️(#8)
    6. Mariusz Pudzianowski
    7. Thiago Silva
    8. Michał Włodarek
    9. Izu Ogonoh⬆️(UR)
    10. Srdan Marovic⬆️(UR)

Now with KSW 58 in the books, we have recognized the changes that have come with it. Even weeks after the event has passed, the MMA are still stunned to see the 0 on Salahdine Parnasse’s record disappear in a bicep-shaped Thanos snap.

The next iteration of KSW goes down in March. “KSW 59: Fight Code,” has a pair of headliners announced as Senegalese wrestler Sergine Ousmane Dia (2-0) will make his promotional debut against an equally mammoth-sized fighter, Mariusz Pudzianowski (13-7) in the most KSW-style contest imaginable. Also on the card is yet another title defence for Antun Račić (25-8-1), as he clashes with our number 2 ranked Sebastian Przybysz (7-2)

When final fight has been fought, make sure to come back over to MMA-Prospects to see how that mixes up the featured divisions.