European Prospect Watch: Greece’s Alexandros Moumtzis

Alexandros Moumtzis gets the Messapicum Fighting Championship belt wrapped on him while he hoists the flag of Greece. Alexandros Moumtzis being crowed a Messapicum Fighting Champion Photo Credit: MESSAPICUM Fighting championship

Alexandros Moumtzis (4-0) is a young 21-year-old born and fighting out of Lamia, Greece. “Ghostbuster” is the current Messapicum Fighting Championship Featherweight Champion – a promotion based out of Italy.

The 5’8″ 145-pound Moumtzis is undefeated as a pro. He also has good experience as an amateur going 6-2 before going professional.



In what is his best weapon, Moumtzis is a high-level jiu-jitsu guy. As soon as he gets the fight down he’s the one always in control. The few times he’s been on his back, Moumtzis very quickly uses an armbar to scramble and sometimes get to top position. He is very fluid in his hips and tactical in his transitions. He moves from full guard to half guard to side control and then into the mount. Moumtzis is good at taking the mount and then taking the back. He floats on top can become glue-like at times.

Ground and Pound

Shockingly enough, Moumtzis doesn’t have a finish by ground and pound (at least as a pro). He stays busy with ground and pound and when he gets in the mount he just lets his hands go. Not everything lands but the amount he throws makes opponents cover up.


On the feet, Mountzis shines the most in the clinch. That’s where he will land a bunch of knees and let his hands go. His dirty boxing is something to take serious as he uses it so well. In the clinch, he will always be fighting the wrist, defending takedowns, and getting underhooks to get his opponent against the fence.


So far his wrestling has looked good in all areas. He’s good at using trips in the clinch and getting takedowns in space. Moumtzis has a strong work ethic when it comes to pressing forward and getting in on the legs for takedowns.

Submission attacks

Although he has one submission victory as a pro and amateur, Moumtzis does have a strong submission attacks. A lot of times it’s shown when he’s on his back using armbars to scramble. He will also threaten on top with chokes but will bail to remain in control and just throw ground and pound.


He’s gone the distance in all four of his professional bouts – that’s a testament to his cardio. Watching his fights you can see he actually gets better as the fight goes on, keeping a consistent and strong pace. Moumtzis can go three rounds easily.


Striking defense

His only real holdback would be his striking defense. When he can’t come forward the way he usually does he finds it tough finding his range. He will get stuck on the outside and get picked apart at the range. Moumtzis is a close-range fighter so in space, he needs some work.

At only 21-years-old, Moumtzis has already proved to be a prospect worth watching. He already has the fight IQ, wrestling, ground game, and gas tank most fighters even at a high level don’t even have.

With the amount of positives that Moumtzis has shown only four fights into his pro career, he is definitely a fighter to keep an eye out for.