CFFC 92 results – Nkuta and Kakharamonov take home gold

Phumi Nkuta holds his CFFC belt with the flag of South Africa wrapped around him. He has a headset on and is pointing behind him to the CFFC cage. Phumi Nkuta is the new CFFC Flyweight Champion. Photo Credit: CFFC

CFFC 92 took place Thursday, March 11th 2021 in Philadelphia. The event was headlined by previously-profiled prospect Alberto Trujilo (5-2) attempting to defend his flyweight title against Phumi Nkuta (3-0).

In the co-main, another prospect which has been covered by MMA-Prospects, Tycen Lynn (8-5), fought Saidyokub Kakharamonov (8-2) over the vacant bantamweight title. The full results are below, starting at the bottom of the card.

  • Mark Grey (1-0 am) def. Gabriel Cabello (1-1 am) via unanimous decision [all 30-27]
  • Samantha Brister (2-1 am) def. Brittany Bickhart (0-1 am) via unanimous decision [all 29-28]
  • Cameron Allgeier (4-0 am) def. Christian Bobe (4-2) via unanimous decision [all 29-28]
  • BJ Young (4-3) def. Geoffrey Mellor (2-3) [all 30-27]
  • Bryan Bautista (3-1) def. William Tucker (0-2) by submission (rear-naked choke) [2nd round, 1:27]
  • Tom Pagliarulo (1-0) def. Shawn Stefanelli (0-1) via corner stoppage [2nd round, 3:39]
  • Christian Rodriguez (5-0) def. Charalampos Grigoriou (4-3) via TKO [3rd round, 2:41]
  • Kasey Tanner (5-0) def. Terry Bartholomew (7-4) via unanimous decision [all 30-27]

Saidyokub Kakhramonov def. Tycen Lynn

Kakharamonov comes out pressuring immediately. Lynn throws a leg kick, and Kakharamonov catches it. Lynn falls and scrambles to his feet. Kakharamonov keeps pressuring Lynn with wild, heavy punches. Kakharamonov hits Lynn with three consecutive overhand rights and drops him.

Lynn uses his guard and an arm around Kakharamonov’s head to smother him. Lynn then uses rubber guard and wraps his arms around his opponent’s head and his own leg, preventing much damage from Kakharamonov. At the halfway point in the round, the refs warns them that he’s going to stand them up. Kakharamonov responds by throwing an eight-punch flurry of left hands to the body. The ref warns them again, and Kakharamonov starts to do more damage, standing up in Lynn’s guard to land punches and trying to pass. The round ends with a possible 10-8 for Kakharamonov.

Lynn comes out sticking-and-moving with kicks. A two-hook combination from Kakharamonov lands clean, dropping Lynn. Kakharamonov tries to finish, but Lynn stalls for a moment before Kakharamonov stands up. Kakharamonov smells the blood in the water, and begins pressuring Lynn with feints. Kakharamonov keeps trying to set up a big right hand. A few miss, but the finishing strike lands, and there’s no need for follow-up.

Saidyokub Kakharamonov wins the CFFC bantamweight title via TKO [2nd round, 0:45]

Phumi Nkuta def. Alberto Trujilo

Both fighters start cautious, staying at range, moving, and feinting. After 45 seconds with only a jab thrown, Nkuta commits to a right hook and drops the defending champion. Trujilo scrambles to his feet and tries to keep his distance, but Nkuta won’t let up. Nkuta steps in to strike, and Trujilo shoots for a takedown. Trujilo runs him all the way to the other side of the cage, and holds him there momentarily. Nkuta reverses position quickly and takes Trujilo down. Nkuta controls the remainder of the round while landing occasional strikes and mat returns. In the final seconds, Nkuta tries to hit Trujilo with a massive spinning back fist as he stands up. He misses, and his hand hitting the cage is loud.

Round two starts with the defending champion still looking confident. Trujilo pressures, and Nkuta stays mobile. After a minute mostly at range, Nkuta takes Trujilo down.

Trujilo stays tricky off of his back, and manages to get back up, but Nkuta takes him back down. Nkuta lands occasional punches. While Trujilo keeps fighting and occasionally gets up, Nkuta keeps taking him back down. Another dominant round for Nkuta.

Trujilo starts round three pressuring again. He jabs and feints. Nkuta shoots on him for a takedown, but Trujilo stuffs it and separates. Nkuta shoots again. He pushes Trujilo to the fence with his shot, works for a takedown, and again, takes Trujilo down. The commentators compare his pace to Aljamain Sterling’s against Petr Yan. Nkuta lands strikes and tries to pass, but Trujilo gets back up.

Nkuta takes him down again. As Trujilo gets up, he throws a knee that lands heavily to Nkuta’s groin. Nkuta is badly effected.

After a long break, Nkuta gets back to work taking Trujilo down. Nkuta throws a barely legal knee to Trujilo’s head while he gets up, returning to the Yan/Sterling comparisons. Nkuta dominates the remainder of the round with his grappling. He knocks Trujilo down with a spinning back fist to end the round.

Nkuta still appears hurt by the groin shot between rounds.

Under CFFC rules, a fifth round is reserved for draws. Trujilo needs a finish in this round. He’s still game, and pressures yet again. He lands a few strikes, but ends up on the ground again. Nkuta is quicksand. He eventually gets a bodylock, and squeezes the champion’s body with his massive thighs while also punching it. Trujilo looks absolutely miserable. Nkuta punches and hunts for the choke until the last 10 seconds. Trujilo reverses, and ends up on top, but has nothing left to throw. The round ends, and the judges somehow give zero 10-8s.

Phumi Nkuta wins the CFFC flyweight title via unanimous decision [all 40-36]