Undefeated prospect Tre’ston Vines aims to “exploit any and all weaknesses” at LFA 101

Tre'ston Vines. Credit: Tre'ston Vines, Instagram.

Tre’ston Vines (4-0), an undefeated welterweight currently sitting at 4-0 is set for the biggest fight of his young career. A winner by finish in all four of his professional fights, Vines is set to add an appearance in the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) to his impressive resume.

“It’s a big step up in [terms of the] promotion, and competition,” Vines told MMA-Prospects. “I try not to think about it. I want to find that calmness in it all. I need to be calm, cool, and collected going into a fight,” Vines continued.

“If I think too much about it, I’m not focused; think too little about it, and I’m not focused. Need to find that medium.”

The 24-year-old Vines competed three times in the pandemic-tinged 2020, taking advantage of a year that saw most sitting on the sidelines. It isn’t only 2020 that brought Vines to this spot, but more so his 11-fight amateur career (9-2).

“Thank God for my amateur career,” Vines said. “It trained my mind and body to prepare myself for a fight. Every training camp always gets tougher; more work is needed. Steel sharpens steel, but I become platinum. When that cage door closes, I always improve. I’ll show my improvements.”

The six-foot welterweight is in for his toughest test to date, as he faces fellow undefeated top prospect Jalin Fuller (4-0) at the aptly-titled LFA 101: The Undefeated event.

“I don’t want to play his game,” Vines stated. “I’ll play my game and utilize details, exploit weaknesses. I don’t care if this goes to the ground or is standing; I’ll exploit any and all weaknesses of his.”

At 24 years of age, and already a high-level prospect, Vines admits this wasn’t always the plan for his life. As most at 24 are barely out of college and soul searching for the correct career path, Vines is on the verge of stardom as he fights on UFC Fight Pass this weekend.

“To be honest, frankly, who knows what is in store for me?” Vines admitted. “I never knew what I’d be doing, but I knew I wanted to be at the top. To this day, even at this moment, I don’t know the path but I know it’ll lead to the top,” Vines continued.

“Once I get to the top, I’ll turn into Mystic Mac [Conor McGregor].”

Come fight night, Friday, March 12th, Vines has a prediction for victory:

“At LFA 101, I’m going to come out and show my amazing ambition and put on the best performance; show LFA who I am.”

When asked where he’d be this time next year, Vines was succinct but ambitious:

“A couple more wins, maybe even [an appearance] on the Contender Series.”