CFFC Champion Saidyokub Kakharamonov ready for next step, has been fighting ‘all my life’

CFFC’s bantamweight champion Saidyokub Kakharamonov believes he is ready for the “Contender Series,” or better yet, a trip to the coveted UFC octagon. The mentality of the 25-year-old has never changed, beginning in learning the language, culture and livelihood of America.

“I’ve been fighting all my life, I’m not talking in the cage. I have to fight to get things I need. I came to the country 10 years ago, the first 5 years wasn’t easy,” Kakharamonov continued. “I had to be bullied as I learned the language, the culture, but I always stood my ground.”

The 8-2 bantamweight is on the cusp of that next big step, the step he has always dreamed about. Whether it be “Dana White Contender Series” or the UFC, that is where he feels he should be. That being said, he won’t wait forever on it.

“If they offer me that, any man, any time,” Kakharamonov stated about DWCS. “I’ll fight any man, 145 or 135 [pounds] it doesn’t matter. I’m ready to go, there is no question about it. At the end of the day I’m a fighter,” Kakharamonov continued. “If I defend my belt [in CFFC], no problem.”

The journey has never been easy, and what helped Kakharamonov figure out that he could take it to the next level? His coaching.

“Since I remember I’ve been training,” Kakharamonov began. “I use to walk to the gym, it be freezing, no heater in there. In gym’s back home no one is babying you like here. That is why I love my coach, he is old school,” Kakharamonov continued. “He doesn’t care who you are, he is hard working, he thinks the same as I do.”

The full interview can be viewed in the Youtube video above.