Vinicius de Oliveira feels ready for UFC call-up following big UAE Warriors win

Vinicius de Oliveira gets his arm raised in an MMA cage. Vinicius de Oliveira gets his arm raised in the Future FC cage. Photo Credit: Vinicius de Oliveira / Facebook

Vinicius de Oliveira is riding a lot of momentum following a recent win over Canadian prospect Xavier Alaoui for the UAE Warriors Bantamweight Championship. Prior to this fight, Alaoui was a fighter who showed all the signs of someone who was ready for a UFC call-up. Another win for him would have increased his stock even more. Instead, Oliveira came in, battered Alaoui to a second-round finish and stole the spotlight.

The win, which came via stoppage in the second round, was something Oliveira expected.

“I am no longer surprised by my victories because I win so much that for me it’s already super normal,” said Oliveira in an interview with MMA-Prospects. “I hope that Xavier [Alaoui] comes back stronger and that he can also accomplish his goals but unfortunately for him, this win over me will never happen.”

Oliveira said his training ahead of the fight was focused on not just the physical but mental side of getting ready for a fight.

“In this fight, I trained my mind even more. I always believed in the power of the mind, so I neutralized my opponent where he can be better and I finished him,” said Oliveira.

While happy with his performance, Oliveira stayed critical of how he performed.

“I liked my performance despite not charging a lot. I am never satisfied, so I thought I could have done better. It makes me evolve more and more because I always seek excellence, but I am happy with this moment.”

Oliveira was a gifted athlete from a young age. He played a lot of football and got to play in some small clubs in his home city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. His dream was to be a football player, but for lack of money, he had to stop and pursue something else.

“I always wanted to do a lot of things in life, everything I did was going wrong. So I got into the fight game and it started to be alright. People started to look at me differently and I got the respect that I didn’t have. My inner life changed for the better, I felt fulfilled, so I realized that this was my way in life.”

Before MMA, Oliveira worked in a lumber company and also in civil construction. MMA is now a job to Oliveira, but he treats it like a lifestyle.

“Hunger is why I fight, I have something very aggressive inside me that needs to spend energy, and I see no better place than inside the cage to do this,” said Oliveira.

“Prego / Lok Dog” was born and currently residing in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He trains out on Sombra Team MMA under head coach Rafael Ghilosso. Oliveira’s nickname, or better yet, nicknames, are intriguing. They all have complex definitions that date back to experiences in his life.

“Prego is Portuguese for nail. That one came since I was a kid, I was skinny with a big head. Lok is a clueless type of person, [someone] who does crazy things, people without fear of danger, and Dog because I walk a lot in the street day and night. So, PregoLokDog put it all together, today that name is a battle cry.”

Oliveira is now a top prospect in Brazil, holding an impressive record of 16 wins and only two defeats. Oliveira is a black belt in Muay Thai and purple belt jiu-jitsu. He has three titles – two inside Brazil, one for boxing, and one for MMA. His most recent accomplishment is now a belt in UAE Warriors.

Impressively, Oliveira has managed to stay quite active in his career. Despite only turning pro in 2015, Oliveira has put down 18 fights. After fighting six times in 2017, he has kept a pace of three bouts a year since 2018 – keeping this pace amid the pandemic as well.

“I know that on the other side there is someone training to take me down so I try to do more and get better to not give any chance. I didn’t think about how many fights I would like to do this year, but I want more fights, no matter how many.”

Now on an impressive five-fight win streak, Oliveira says he has acquired more skills in his game, became more precise, more technical, and more complete.

Oliveira claimed the UAE Warriors Bantamweight Championship in his last win. UAE Warriors has become a strong feeder promotion for UFC recently, producing content that gets picked up by them eventually. While Oliveira likes UAE Warriors, he wants to take a similar path like some fighters from the promtoion have before.

“I like UAE Warriors a lot, it’s a great event, but my dream is to fight in the UFC. … Bellator is another mega event under the UFC, but I fight to get to the UFC.”

Oliveira is now by the phone waiting for the UFC call is in shape and ready. Oliveira’s record, along with his mentality, his personality, and his fighting style is warranted of a UFC contract.

“They [fans] will see a show whenever I am in action, a bloody show, they can expect a fun fight,” said Oliveira.

Feeling like he is ready for the call-up, Oliveira made a message for UFC President Dana White during his interview with

“Hey Dana, I know you like the show, the victories, the media, the marketing, the blood, and I am the guy who has it all,” claimed Oliveira. “I am a complete athlete, I’m surprising, I am a legitimate martial artist. So, if you’re looking for an artist like that just look at me! Send me the contract because I already have my pen ready to sign it!”