LFA 104 results – McKenzie wins in main event war, Horiuchi scores armbar

Aaron McKenzie raises his arms in victory. Credit: LFA.

LFA 104 took place on Friday, April 16th in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The event was headlined by a lightweight bout between Aaron McKenzie (10-2) and Brandon Phillips (8-4). In the co-main, Yuma Horiuchi (8-3) fought Donavon Frelow (6-5). Further down the card, a middleweight bout between Dunlap and Ikebunna ended with a highlight-reel finish. The full results are below, starting at the bottom of the card.

  • Gunner Coronado (2-1) def. Tristan Kamaka (0-1) via TKO [punches, 3:02 of 3rd round]
  • Sidney Trillo (1-0) def. Melissa Parker (0-1) via split decision [30-27, 28-29, 30-27]
  • Ronald Dunlap (2-0) def. Obinwa Ikebunna (2-2) via KO [slam and elbows, 4:19 of 1st round]
  • Thomas Petersen (4-0) def. Odell Pantin (1-2) via KO [punches, 3:33 of 1st round]
  • Javier Garcia (7-3) def. Timothy Teves (5-3) via submission [triangle choke, 4:49 of 3rd round]
  • Chris Brown (6-3) def. Kelvin Rayford (5-3) via unanimous decision [all 30-27]
  • Joel Bauman (4-1) def. Julien Leblanc (5-2) via unanimous decision [all 30-27]

Yuma Horiuchi def. Donavon Frelow

The fighters trade kicks at range, and Horiuchi lands three leg kicks consecutively. Frelow blitzes with heavy punches, pushing Horiuchi all the way across the cage. Horiuchi counters with a takedown. It’s briefly successful, and they end up clinching against the cage. Frelow scores a takedown and lands in Horiuchi’s guard. Horiuchi attempts a guillotine and gets up while Frelow escapes.

Frelow controls against the cage, and the fighters trade clinch strikes for awhile. Horiuchi separates with 2:50 left in the round. They poke with long strikes. Once Horiuchi starts landing leg kicks, Frelow blitzes again and presses Horiuchi to the cage. Frelow attempts a throw and loses position. Horiuchi controls and lands safe strikes against the cage. Frelow creates space and lands a big elbow. They separate trading heavy hooks. Frelow’s corner yells, “Don’t get wild,” and reminds him to time Horiuchi’s low kick. Horiuchi pressures with kicks to the head and legs for the last 45 seconds, likely winning the round.

Round 2 opens with Horiuchi pressuring with kicks again. Frelow begins trading kicks with him. Frelow counters a head kick with a big right hook, backing Horiuchi up. Frelow chases him with punches across the cage, but Horiuchi reverses position and puts Frelow against the cage.

It appears that Horiuchi may be holding the cage to maintain position, though it’s not found clearly by the replay team. The ref separates them, claims he’d already warned Horiuchi, and takes a point.

Horiuchi returns to pressuring and is met with a powerful jab that drops him. Frelow gets on top and starts landing hammerfists. Horiuchi holds one arm, then throws an armbar on the other. Horiuchi hyperextends Frelow’s arm, but Frelow refuses to tap. Frelow grunts in pain, and the ref calls it.

Horiuchi wins via verbal submission [armbar, 1:31 of 2nd round].

Aaron McKenzie def. Brandon Phillips

The fighters start trading in the center of the cage immediately. Phillips is mostly throwing straight punches, while McKenzie throws hooks and leg kicks. Phillips seems to be landing more cleanly and more often, especially with his body punches. McKenzie starts to try his own body punching, and lands a couple of powerful ones, but is still losing the striking with Phillips staying out of range of many of his strikes.

With a minute left, McKenzie shoots for a takedown and pushes Phillips to the cage. It’s unsuccessful, but McKenzie lands a solid knee on the break. They return to trading in the center, and McKenzie seems reinvigorated, staying even in the striking for the rest of the round. It looks like a 10-9 for Phillips.

McKenzie’s corner says Phillips is catching the low kicks, and to only throw head and front kicks, and to kick more with his front leg. Phillip’s corner encourages boxing and mixing up between the head and body.

They come out trading again, with Phillips landing straight punches. Phillips catches a left body kick and blasts the back of McKenzie’s right knee with a kick. Phillips looks worn. McKenzie starts landing consistently with his punches, and seems to have taken inspiration from Phillips on mixing in body shots. McKenzie lands a huge uppercut. McKenzie’s leading now, but Phillips is sticking to what’s worked and is still landing.

McKenzie starts trying to land knees and elbows without much success, giving Phillips room to catch up. McKenzie shoots for a takedown and nearly lands a big knee as they separate. Phillips is still having success with his jab. McKenzie lands some big punches and a head kick and backs Phillips up. McKenzie shoots for a takedown and presses Phillips to the cage, but Phillips backs him off with left hooks to the body, ending with a low kick. Phillips keeps landing his jab, with McKenzie landing bigger, less frequent punches. The round ends very close, but leaning McKenzie.

Round 3 has the same dynamic, with Phillips landing a high volume of straight punches and fighting off takedown attempts, and McKenzie landing power punches and mixing in kicks, knees, and elbows. McKenzie throws a knee, and Phillips catches it and shoves him down. McKenzie pressures with powerful strikes, and shoots for a takedown. Phillips goes down momentarily but returns to his feet. McKenzie lands a big elbow as they separate, and keeps pressuring.

Phillips is sticking and moving, but McKenzie is all over him. McKenzie shoots and has brief success. Phillips gets up. McKenzie’s elbows are landing now. Both fighters are slowing as McKenzie shoots. He gets Phillips down and tries to sit on his legs. Phillips gets up and separates, but takes damaging punches in the process. Phillips lands a big combination to back him off. McKenzie shoots again; his corner calls for him to finish the fight.

McKenzie has half-mount, and works towards full mount against the cage, but Phillips gets up. McKenzie tees off with every kind of strike until the bell, conclusively winning the round.

McKenzie wins via unanimous decision [all 29-28]