Joshua Oxendine turned his career around, and has a plan for 2021 summer

Joshua Oxendine (4-3) is not a household prospect name, and at one point he wasn’t sure if his career would make it to a fourth professional fight. The North Carolina native began his career 0-3, including a disqualification. Since the winless career start, Oxendine has won 4 straight, all by finish. This includes his first-round victory against Lloyd Thornton at Showcase MMA earlier this month.

“It was a quick win, quicker than expected, ” Oxendine laughed. “It was fun, time to move on to bigger things. I haven’t been able to showcase my full game because none of my fights [are] getting out of the 1st round,” Oxendine continued. “Hopefully sooner or later it comes but I’ll take these quick wins.”

It wasn’t easy for Oxendine to continue through the tough outings that began his career, which included a loss to top ranked Bellator fighter Jornel Lugo. That being said, it is impressive and shows the strong mentality of the 27-year-old to continue pushing toward his ultimate goal of the UFC.

“Horrible luck,” is how Oxendine described his career start. “A lot of people were doubting me. I told them ‘watch, I’m going to turn it around.’ I got a good group of people around me, my coach, my wife, my kids,” Oxendine continued. “I’m ready to showcase I’m one of the best unsigned 125-er, 135-er out there.”

While Oxendine may not be 100% ready for a “Dana White’s Contender Series” on paper right now, he does have a plan that he believes could make it a very fun and happy summer for the Carolina native.

“May 22nd I’m fighting for the Showcase Flyweight title,” Oxendine told MMA-Prospects. “I’m going to go in there, inflict a lot of damage, go 5-2. I’ll stay busy, I’m a busy fighter, I don’t like sitting around waiting for people.”

Catch the full interview with Joshua Oxendine above.