LFA 105 results: Rodriguez wins strawweight title in back-and-forth battle against Gotsyk

Piera Rodriguez points her index finger up while shouting at a camera in an MMA cage. Piera Rodriguez is the new LFA Strawweight Champion. Photo Credit: UFC Fight Pass/LFA

LFA 105 took place on Friday, April 23rd in Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA. The event was headlined by Svetlana Gotsyk (13-5) fighting Pierangela Rodriguez (6-0) for the vacant LFA strawweight title. The co-main event featured a featherweight bout between Jake Childers (8-2) and Canaan Kawaihae (6-1). The card also featured Braden Pagaoa’s exciting pro debut, previously profiled prospect Zac Pauga, and interviewed prospect Tabitha Ricci. The full results are below, starting at the bottom of the card.

  • Jean-Paul Bosnoyan (3-1) def. Richard Santos (1-2) via submission [guillotine choke, 1:14 of 1st round]
  • Braden Pagaoa (1-0) def. Josh Islas (1-1) via TKO [punches, 0:12 of 1st round]
  • Zac Pauga (3-0) def. Logan Nail via unanimous decision [29-28, 29-28, 30-27]
  • Tabitha Ricci (5-0) def. Shawna Ornsby via TKO [punches, 4:50 of 2nd round]
  • Mark Martin (6-1) def. Renato Valente (7-4) via split decision [29-28, 28-29, 30-27]
  • Bruce Souto (14-3) def. Christhain Torres (15-12) via unanimous decision [all 29-28]

Canaan Kawaihai def. Jake Childers

Both fighters come out swinging. Kawaihai’s throwing leg kicks and one of them gets countered. Childers shoots for a double-leg takedown. Kawaihai catches Childers in a ninja choke. Childers looks panicked immediately, and in seconds, he taps.

Canaan Kawaihai def. Jake Childers via submission [ninja choke, 0:20 of 1st round]

Piera Rodriguez def. Svetlana Gotsyk

Both fighters look cautious, starting with feints and probing strikes for about a minute. Gotsyk is looking for the left hand when Rodriguez enters the pocket. When Rodriguez gets into the pocket, she’s staying there, extending the exchanges while Gotsyk looks to back out of them. Both fighters are landing heavy. Rodriguez pressures into the pocket, and Gotsyk ends up on the ground to attempt an armbar. Rodriguez’s corner urges her to watch for the armbar, and Rodriguez backs off and lets her up.

Rodriguez is pressuring with long combinations of punches and landing heavy. Gotsyk looks for a takedown, and attempts to pull guard when it fails, but Rodriguez backs off and kicks her in the leg. As she stands, Rodriguez blitzes with hooks and ends up in the clinch with Gotsyk against the cage. Gotsyk attempts to jump guard, but Rodriguez keeps her pinned to the cage and exchanges strikes with her. Rodriguez separates with 70 seconds left, resets momentarily, and goes back to throwing combinations of hooks, with the occasional kick. Rodriguez lands heavy, and Gotsyk looks for a takedown, and attempts to pull Rodriguez to the ground with her, but again, Rodriguez separates. The round ends with Rodriguez looking confident, and possibly winning 10-8.

Round two begins with Rodriguez pressuring, and Gotsyk looking to throw back now instead of pull guard. Gotsyk lands heavy with a counter, and Rodriguez responds with more pressure and an intimidating yell. Rodriguez is staying in her face, but Gotsyk’s exchanging with her now, and landing clean with powerful hooks.

Gotsyk catches a kick and lands an overhand, knocking Rodriguez down. Gotsyk gets wild and tries to jump on an arm instead of looking for top position, and Rodriguez gets up. They’re back to exchanging, but the exchanges are happening in the center now instead of with Gotsyk against the fence. Gotsyk’s working leg kicks in with her punches now.

With 90 seconds left, the fighters get cautious and return to the probing fight from the beginning of round one. Rodriguez’s pressure is gone, and Gotsyk seems to be landing more often, though both fighters are doing damage in the exchanges. Gotsyk may have won the round, but its hard to tell.

Round three begins with Gotsyk looking game and Rodriguez looking a little hesitant. Gotsyk’s on the front foot now. The pace of the fight has slowed, with Gotsyk landing occasional strikes. Both fighters are feinting. Rodriguez starts to work her way back in to the fight at the newly subdued pace, and her corner starts trying to get her to pressure again. Rodriguez starts landing combinations and kicks again. Rodriguez backs her up with a spearing straight punch to the body and begins unloading with punches, and gets Gotsyk on the run. Gotsyk shoots for a takedown, and begins working for an armbar, but Rodriguez gets out, and ends the round standing with Gotsyk on her back. A tough round to score.

Round four starts with Rodriguez trying to pressure again, but Gotsyk’s still meeting her in the center. Gotsyk’s moving from the outside, looking for short combinations before disengaging. Gotsyk nearly pressures Rodriguez into a corner, causing her team to panic and tell her to circle out. Both fighters are landing now. Both step in to the pocket, plant their feet, throw a combination of hooks, then separate, neither fighter wavering.

Rodriguez lands a leg kick that seems to bother Gotsyk, with her picking up her leg. Gotsyk shoots for a takedown with 75 seconds left, and gets Rodriguez against the fence. Gotsyk works for a trip, but Rodriguez separates with a knee to the body. Gotsyk backs up, and Rodriguez pursues with punches. They end up in the clinch, and Gotsyk trips her and ends up on top. Gotsyk doesn’t find anything, and the round ends with Rodriguez landing soft punches from her back. Another tough round to score.

Round five starts, and both fighters clearly want it. They come out exchanging in the middle. Both are throwing hard, and Gotsyk shoots for a takedown. They end up clinching against the cage, and Rodriguez reverses and ends up in mount throwing ground-and-pound. Gotsyk tries to roll out, and Rodriguez takes her back. Rodriguez digs her right arm under the neck for a choke, and begins throwing left hooks to the side of Gotsyk’s head. Gotsyk has no answer for the punches, and they’re landing hard. Rodriguez frees her right arm and begins throwing hooks to both sides of Gotsyk’s head, and the ref jumps in quickly. Rodriguez is the new LFA Strawweight Champion.

Piera Rodriguez def. Svetlana Gotsyk via TKO [punches, 1:16 of 5th round]