After perfect pro debut, Braden Pagaoa could be LFA’s next Hawaiian star

It’s no secret that LFA has a knack for finding “the next best thing,” as many of the promotion’s former champions now grace the UFC ranks. Hawaii’s Braden Pagaoa (1-0) made quick work of his LFA debut and is looking to become the next in a long line of LFA successes.

“Feels like [just] another day,” Pagaoa said of the win. “Not paying my bills, still gotta go to work. It is a step in the right direction. I was happy with the way they (LFA) took care of me and the other fighters,” said Pagaoa.

“It is very professional, I’m happy to be with them.”

The Hawaiian Pagaoa was ready to make his professional debut in 2020, but in what has been a common refrain from fighters, says that the COVID-19 derailed those plans.

That being said, “Puni” is hoping to make 2021 his busiest year yet.

“[I’ll take a] week or two off of punching, then I’m right back into fight camp,” said Pagaoa. “Hopefully, in a year 4-0, maybe 5-0 if we can get rushed. I’m in no rush to get to the big show, because I know I’ll be there for sure. Take my fights, get my cage time.”

The full interview with Braden Pagaoa is available to watch above.