The Unified MMA 40 Undercard Results: KB Bhullar Wins In Return

KB Bhullar walking inside an MMA cage. KB Bhullar's return to Unified MMA was a success. Photo Credit: Unified MMA / UFC Fight Pass

After all of the action at Unified MMA 40, here’s a recap of every fight that took place on the events undercard:

A recap of the two title fights on the card can be read here.

Pro Lightweight Bout : Evan Piercey (0-0) vs. Mohamad Ali (0-0)

Round 1

Piercey started the round well, immediately landing a precise combination that sent Ali straight to the floor. Ali survived a barrage of follow-up punches from Piercey, who searched for a way to secure the submission. Clinging to Piercey’s legs, Ali negotiated the fight back to the feet, where he was met with a formidable and continuous striking clinic. Here, Piercey began to find his range, and found the target yet again with a huge right hook. Having found his rhythm, Piercey executed a combination of leg kicks and strikes that left the face of Ali bloodied as the round ended. 

Round 2

Piercey began with energy, landing a left that appeared to momentarily rock Ali. He continued to connect, but Ali was now walking him down and stringing together combinations of his own. It appeared that Ali was able to take Piercey’s best shots, and was now increasingly more comfortable, despite his multiple facial lacerations. Ultimately though, his combinations failed to truly impact Piercey, who appeared relatively unscathed as the round ended. 

Round 3

Ali walked into the centre of the cage with a determined look on his face, and the pair began trading shots. Piercey appeared to have developed more respect for the power of Ali, who kept enforcing relentless forward pressure. Although both fighters were landing, it was Piercey that found success with the more emphatic strikes, as found the chin of Ali with yet another hard right before the end of the round.

Evan Piercey defeated Mohamad Ali by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Pro Lightweight Bout: Tyrell Giselbrecht (0-0) vs. Jerico MacPhee (1-0)

Round 1

Both fighters launched themselves into the centre of the ring and began throwing techniques. Giselbrecht was the first to land, connecting with a leg kick before finding himself tangled in a clinch. MacPhee attempted to secure a single leg, but left his head open to several vicious elbows. Giselbrecht clearly sensed that his opponent was hurt, and began to relentlessly rain down with attacks. He kneed MacPhee to the body, and unleashed a flurry of strikes to his head. The blows were entirely unanswered, and the referee was forced to end the fight.

Tyrell Giselbrecht defeated Jerico MacPhee by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:57

Pro Middleweight Bout: Ali Charkie (0-0) vs. Lorenzo Celis (1-0)

Round 1

Charkie had the overwhelming support of the crowd, and chats of ‘Ali, Ali’ could be heard throughout the venue.

As both fighters circled the centre of the ring, Charkie sought to implement his game plan by clinching Celis and muscling the fight to the floor. Celis secured half guard, but was met with a series of vicious blows. Every attempt made to return to the feet was met by a denial from Charkie, who appeared to easily manipulate his opponent on the ground. At times, Celis attempted to sweep or reverse the position, but Charkie was always able to respond by posting or posturing. The round ended with Charkie in a dominant position, pounding Celis from mount.

Round 2

Celis was able to take advantage of a poorly timed takedown attempt, and secured a guillotine around the neck of Charkie. For a moment it looked to be held tightly, but Charkie was able to escape and maneuver into his opponent’s half guard. From here, Charkie was content to control the action using unsurmountable top pressure, occasionally posturing and raining down blows on Celis. As the round drew to an end, the supportive chants of the crowd appeared to motivate Charkie, who landed a particularly furious ground and pound that left Celis wobbling back to his stool.

Round 3

The fight was quickly taken to the ground once more as Charkie successfully secured a single leg. He landed in side control, and spent the rest of the round utterly controlling Celis from this position. He seemed content to assert his dominance from here, and when Celis attempted to climb the fence back to his feet he was immediately brought back to the mat by a confident Charkie. All of Celis’ techniques were nullified by the superior wrestling and Jiu Jitsu of Ali Charkie.

Ali Charkie defeated Lorenzo Celis by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Pro Super Lightweight Bout: Andrew Mavridis (0-0) vs. Tyler VanKill (1-0)

Round 1

Both fighters sprung into action with traded blows and explosive movements, but it was Vankill who walked through the storm to press his opponent against the cage. As soon as the clinch was engaged, Vankill seemed entirely comfortable manipulating the limbs of Mavridis to the mat. Vankill had secured underhooks, and began softening Mavridis with some heavy shots to the head and body. ‘Squidvicious’ gripped his opponent in a body triangle and effortlessly flattened him out. From here, he slipped his arm under the chin of Mavridis and put him to sleep with a flawless inverted arm triangle.

Tyler VanKill defeated Andrew Mavridis by Inverted Arm Triangle in Round 1, 2:26

Pro Super Lightweight Bout: Nick Hrabec (7-5) vs. Kolton Menzak (7-5)

Round 1

Hrabec opened the round with a body kick, and the two fighters went back and forth trying to find their range. Just two minutes into the first round, Hrabec landed a front kick to the body of Menzak, and followed with a right hand that visibly stunned his opponent and sent him hurtling to the canvas. It was as if the sheer power of Hrabec had caught Menzak by surprise, and it took only two follow up punches before the referee was forced to step in.

Nick Hrabec defeated Kolton Menzak by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:55

Pro Light Heavyweight Bout: KB Bhullar (8-2) vs. Anton Tokarchuk (4-5

Round 1

The crowd roared whenever the announcer mentioned Bhullar’s name, and his confidence was apparent. He began the round by piecing up the legs of Tokarchuk with a wide array of kicks. Tokarchuk began to fire back, but Bhullar was imposing himself as the more technical fighter, consistently landing to the legs. Nothing seemed to hurt Tokarchuk though, as he continued to move forward whilst throwing wide looping punches. Bhullar spent the majority of the round moving backwards, landing range-finding jabs to the chin of Tokarchuk from outside the pocket.

Round 2

For much of this round, Tokarchuk was struggling to find his range. He used up a lot of energy working his way towards Bhullar whilst eating a variety of strikes. ‘The Bengal’ shot for a takedown, but Tokarchuk was able to sprawl and maintain top position. He tried to latch onto the neck of Bhullar, but the round drew to a close before anything significant was secured. 

Round 3

Bhullar continued to circle, occasionally landing insignificant strikes on an awkward and flailing Tokarchuk. Bhullar asserted his dominance on the feet, and Tokarchuk looked to have no answer for him. Respecting the power of Tokarchuk, Bhullar seemed content to evade his aggressor and chip away with well-timed shots. The two fighters clinched as the round drew to a close. In his post-fight interview, Bhullar remarked that he found Tokarchuk to be a ‘confusing’ and ‘frustrating’ opponent. 

KB Bhullar defeated Anton Tokarchuk by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)