Unified MMA 40 Results: Graham Park Defends Light Heavyweight Belt Within A Round

Graham Park shouts while sitting atop an MMA cage. Graham Park defended his light heavyweight belt last week. Photo Credit: Unified MMA / UFC Fight Pass

Canadian MMA promotion Unified MMA returned last week from the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The promotion featured 12 fights in total, including featherweight and light heavyweight title bouts.

Here’s a recap of the evening.

Unified MMA Featherweight Championship: Neal Anderson (10-3) vs. Maged Hammo (9-5)

Round 1

Hammo quickly engaged Anderson in the centre of the ring, narrowly missed with a hook kick early on. The pair then traded a series of kicks and punches that culminated with a spinning back kick to the body of Anderson. Eager to press forward, Hammo continued to soften the body of his opponent with another body kick and then a knee. As Hammo worked to try and bring the fight to the ground, Anderson caught him with a huge knee that connected well. Hammo collapsed to the mat, but immediately attempted to stand back up. The very second he got back to his feet, he was dropped with another right hand and mounted by his opponent. The round ended as Anderson rained down shots from above.

Round 2

Hammo appeared to have regained his composure as he contended with Anderson in the centre of the ring. He flourished spectacularly, attempting to invert around Anderson’s legs and secure a heel hook. Anderson expertly defended, and ended up in Hammo’s half guard – where he attempted a kimura. Hammo deftly escaped, and the two fought for a dominant position on the ground. A battle ensued. A triangle attempt from Anderson, then side control for Hammo, followed by rubber guard for Anderson, and then a guillotine attempt from Hammo. The war on the ground left both participants exhausted as the round drew to a close.

Round 3

Anderson looked to be the fresher fighter as the round began, immediately landing with a kick to the body. Eager to reverse the momentum, Hammo attempted to clinch, but Anderson responded with a quick knee before tossing his opponent to the ground. He tried to posture up, but Hammo clung on to avoid the damage. Anderson chipped away with elbows and shots to the body for the remainder of the round.

Round 4

The fight continued to progress in Anderson’s favour, landing a head kick in the opening moments of the fourth round. He blitzed Hammo with a series of shots against the side of the cage, but was countered with some uppercuts to the body. The pair traded several shots from this position, having both independently found their comfortable range. Hammo erupted with a burst of energy to take down Anderson, where he held him in side control. He tried to find a crucifix, but Anderson fought him off by rising up onto his knees. From here, Hammo attempted a guillotine, but a resilient Anderson defended yet again. Now in a dominant position, Hammo transitioned to the back of Anderson and secured a rear naked choke. Anderson was forced to tap.

Maged Hammo submitted Neal Anderson By Rear-Naked Choke in Round 4, 4:22 to win the vacant Featherweight Title

Unified MMA Light Heavyweight Championship: Graham Park (7-2) vs. Neil Berry (9-9)

Round 1

The two fighters squared off against one another, and the feeling out process began. Park was able to land a hard kick to the body, and pressed the advantage to pin Berry against the cage. Here, Park looked for the takedown but was discouraged with a brief guillotine attempt from Berry. Still jostling for position against the cage, Berry landed to the body of Park, who responded with a series of elbows. Seizing his opportunity, Park muscled his opponent to the ground, and began an onslaught of vicious punches. Failing to block any of the shots, Berry looked in serious danger. The referee was forced to stop the fight. .

Graham Park defeated Neil Berry by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:30 to defend the Light Heavyweight Title