Worst to First: Last pick Bryan Battle hopes to win ‘TUF’ Finale

Bryan Battle stands in an MMA cage. Bryan Battle (pictured) will fight Gilbert Urbina on Saturday night. Photo Credit: HRMMA / Youtube

I wrote about both Bryan Battle and Gilbert Urbina before the season and here I am writing about them at the end.

I liked both before the season and thought Battle was overlooked.

Despite having quality amateur wins, Battle was picked in the last round of the draft in the season.

He has worked hard and improved throughout the season and that is exactly what you want to see from a guy so young in the sport.

These guys are getting the kind of coaching they have never had before and Battle has for sure taken advantage of it. He has adapted to his opponent’s style worked on the things he needed to work on.]

Battle is the kind of guy that isn’t going to get outworked. I liken his style that of someone like Sean Woodson or Ryan Spann. He uses his length to his advantage, especially with his kicks to keep his opponent at distance.

When he does go inside, he’s in his opponent’s face and throwing volume with all limbs. He can throw his hands, his kicks, his elbows and he works the body and head.

Urbina is a wrestler, just like his older brothers Eli and Hector – who both fought on “TUF” before.

He also has a solid Jiu-Jitsu background and submitted Michael Gillmore in the quarterfinals.

What really worries me about Urbina how he just let Tresean Gore walk him down all fight in the semi-finals. Urbina is tall and unlike Battle, didn’t use his length to his advantage. Gore jabbed him to death and finished him with a big shot.

For Urbina to have success, I think he needs to be first and use his wrestling and BJJ.

The problem is, Battle is the bigger guy and has shown the ability to get up when he gets taken down.

I think this is a spot where Battle can withstand any kind of wrestling attack, get back to the feet and pick Urbina part from distance.