Event Recap: The Unified MMA 41 Title Fights

Canadian MMA promotion Unified MMA hosted their 41st event last month. The fight card featured two title fights and took place at the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The promotion featured 6 pro fights in total, including the promotion’s heavyweight and welterweight title bouts.

A recap of the events undercard can be read here.

Here is all the action that took place in the Unified title fights:

Heavyweight Title Fight

Christian Larsen (5-2) vs. Grayson Wells (5-3)

Round 1: Both Larsen and Wells charged to meet each other and unleashed a series of mighty strikes. Amidst the action, Larsen was able to maneuver Wells to the ground and pass to half guard.

Wells muscled his way back to the feet, but was quickly wrenched back to the ground by Larsen, who then manipulated him into a tight arm-triangle. Wells was forced to tap.

Christian Larsen submitted Grayson Wells by arm-triangle choke submission in Round 1, 1:08 — Larsen defended the heavyweight title

Pro Welterweight Title Fight

Shane Campbell (19-8) vs. Matt Krayco (8-8-1)

Round 1: Krayco stepped up on short notice after Ultimate Fighter veteran Mike Hill withdrew from this fight for undisclosed reasons.

Krayco immediately landed a low leg kick on Campbell, and then caught a retaliatory kick. Applying pressure, Krayco marched his opponent towards the side of the cage, but Campbell exited the exchange with a huge leg kick of his own.

The pair traded shots for a while, but a mistimed kick from Krayco gave Campbell the opportunity for a takedown. After vying for a stronger position on the ground, Campbell let his opponent up, and immediately connected with a hard right hand, a high kick, and then another combination. Krayco slipped and fell to the ground just as the round expired. 

Round 2: Campbell opened the round with a kick to the body, and he was able to block the returning fire from Krayco. Sensing danger, Krayco shot for a takedown. He was met with an elbow from Campbell, who then created distance and followed up with a series of leg kicks.

Campbell now looked to have the advantage on the feet, and he dodged a combination in order to get a takedown into side control. Unable to secure a choke, he landed a litany of shots before the end of the round.

Round 3: The pair traded hard blows in the centre of the cage, but Campbell still seemed to have the advantage. He caught Krayco with a counter left, and then a body kick. Krayco responded with a leg kick of his own, but an accidental low blow from Campbell briefly created a lull in the action.

The ref restarted the fight, and both fighters charged towards one another and connected with punches and kicks. Once again, Campbell was able to secure a takedown and pin Krayco to the ground. From here, he accidentally landed to the back of Krayco’s head, and the referee was forced to restart the fight once again.

An energised Campbell now landed to the body of his opponent, and followed with a hard right and a leg kick. He took Krayco down yet again, and worked the body with a series of punches for the remainder of the round. 

Round 4: Campbell was, by far, the fresher of the two fighters. He began the round with a good combination, which he followed with a punishing series of hard leg kicks. The final kick dropped Krayco to the ground, and Campbell entered into his guard.

From here, the incumbent champion threw hard blows to Krayco’s body and head- opening a cut. Krayco was able to survive as Campbell rained down with hammer fists. Campbell postured up and began firing elbows to Krayco’s body as the round drew to a close. 

Round 5: Having been so dominant in the previous round, Campbell now appeared to be searching for the finish. He leapt into a right hand, and followed with a question mark kick. Krayco was retreating and defending, as Campbell continued to apply pressure with combinations and high kicks.

Amongst the onslaught of pressure that Campbell was applying, the referee believed he might have seen an eye poke. The fight was restarted once again, and Krayco attempted to damage his opponent with fire of his own. Campbell responded by successfully grabbing a double-leg and dragging Krayco to the mat once again.

Here, Krayco searched for an omoplata, or an armbar- but Campbell continued to pound away with shots in full guard. The fights ended, and Campbell won the vacant Welterweight title in a dominant fashion. 

Shane Campbell Expects Fireworks At Unified 41 On UFC ...
Shane Campbell. Credit: Unified MMA

Shane Campbell defeated Matt Krayco by unanimous decision — Campbell won the vacant Welterweight Title