Event Recap: The Unified MMA 41 Undercard

After all of the action at September 24’s Unified MMA 41, here’s a recap of every fight that took place on the events undercard:

A recap of the two title fights on the card can be read here.

Pro Welterweight

Phil Engeroff (1-0) vs. Dylan Schellenberg (0-1)

Round 1: The fight began with a powerful combination from Schellenberg, and then both fighters exchanged blows in the centre of the cage. The pair entered into a clinch, and Engeroff began landing hard knees to the body of his opponent. Seizing an opportunity, Engeroff managed to trip Schellenberg and landed in his half guard.

Schellenberg worked hard to retain this position, and forced Engeroff to stand back up. Both fighters exchanged shots once again, but an attempted head kick caused Engeroff to slip back to the mat. Schellenberg dove on him, throwing himself into the undefeated fighters’ guard.

From here, Engeroff wrapped Schellenberg up in a triangle and pulled on his head to elicit a tap. 

Phil Engeroff submitted Dylan Schellenberg by triangle choke submission in Round 1, 3:56

Pro Super Lightweight

Jett Grande (0-0-1) vs. Cornelius Krahn (0-0)

Round 1: It was Jett Grande who opened the fight with a lightning-quick combination, and he carried his momentum into a takedown. He maintained a dominant position on the ground for the entirety of the rest of the round, but was unable to secure the finish.

Krahn defended several transition attempts by controlling the wrists and posture of Grande, but was ultimately saved from a rear naked choke attempt as the round drew to a close.

Round 2: Krahn began the round by working the legs of Grande, throwing a multitude of low kicks. Grande seemed largely unphased though, and was able to land a huge right hand before pulling his opponent back to the mat.

He once again settled into full guard, but was forced to transition when Krahn started landing slashing elbows from the bottom. Krahn was forced to turtle when Grande started applying heavy pressure- raining down with heavy right hands. The referee was forced to stop the fight. 

Jett Grande defeated Cornelius Krahn by TKO in Round 2, 4:30

Pro Catchweight

Chris Chapman (3-2) vs. Ali Charkie (1-0)

Round 1: The round started with both participants squaring off against one another in the centre of the cage. Charkie landed a couple of powerful leg kicks, and then threw his body weight behind a double-leg takedown. He ripped Chapman to the mat and ended up in half-guard. Charkie began landing heavy fists whilst Chapman attempted to stand. He eventually climbed back to his feet, but Charkie was landing damaging shots the whole time. He connected with a knee to the thigh and several shots to the body and head as Chapman muscled his way back to the feet.

Here, Chapman seemed to have a slim advantage, and landed a couple of well-timed combinations that appeared to stun Charkie. Charkie was able to drag his opponent to the ground yet again, where he maintained a dominant position for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Charkie looked a little more laboured as he came off the stool, and he shot for a takedown almost immediately. Chapman was able to defend the telegraphed attempt, and the pair began exchanging techniques in the centre of the cage. Charkie successfully landed several hard leg kicks, but was struck by a devastating kick to the body which sent him reeling off balance.

Chapman began to press his advantage on the feet, landing with a head kick and a right hand that appeared to further damage the balance of Charkie. In desperation, Charkie shot for the takedown once again, but was unable to get Chapman all the way down to the mat. Chapman was able to land some vicious elbows as the final seconds expired. 

Round 3: Charkie was visibly exhausted as he answered the bell for the third round. He seemed unable to effectively judge distance, and was struck hard with a kick to the body, and then to the head. Chapman appeared to be growing in confidence, walking Charkie down and peppering him with shots to the body. When Charkie did throw, his attempts appeared lazy and without intention.

Towards the end of the round, he telegraphed a takedown towards Chapman, who effectively sprawled and pinned his head against the mat. Chapman went to side control, and began raining down hard shots to get the finish. 

Chris Chapman defeated Ali Charkie by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 4:11

Pro Super Lightweight

Tim Smith (14-11) vs. Behrang Yousefi (8-7)

Round 1: A scrappy first round that began with both fighters landing leg kicks and front kicks. Yousefi was able to briefly control Smith in the clinch, but the more experienced fighter managed to break free and shoot for a double. Smith landed in full guard and began landing blows to the body. Yousefi responded by attempting a triangle, and then an armbar.

Smith defended both submission attempts and got up to his feet, leaving Yousefi on his back. Yousefi began firing a flurry of wild upkicks, all of which failed to hit the mark. Yousefi rose back to his feet, and landed a huge right which dropped Smith just as the bell rang. 

Round 2: Once again the pair began the round with traded leg kicks. Smith was able to to hurt Yousefi with a landed combination, but was then struck with an upkick when he attempted to follow up on his downed opponent.

Smith dropped into Yousefi’s guard and attempted to land some shots, but he got caught in a tight triangle choke and was forced to tap. 

In his post-fight interview, Smith retired from professional fighting.

Behrang Yousefi submitted Tim Smith by triangle choke submission in Round 2, 2:04