EBI combat jiu jitsu champ Kody Steele scores knockout in second ammy fight

On the last Fury FC card, one amateur fight on the prelims caught the eyes of many, long before the more hotly-anticipated professional fights took place.

Eddie Bravo Invitational Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament winner Kody Steele (2-0 Am.) fought in just his second amateur MMA fight for the Fury FC amateur 170-pound belt against Keith Ford (2-1 Am.).

Steele knocked Ford out in 13 seconds with a vicious right hook, seen below:

It was a great knockout, but just that finish alone does not make a prospect. Kody Steele surprisingly does not have a striking background, instead coming from a great standing in the world of grappling and jiu jitsu.

These serious accolades make him a potential great prospect in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

The 26-year-old Kody Steele fights out of Austin, Texas. He grew up in Washington State and found the sport of wrestling at 13 years of age. In 2013, Steele moved to Texas, where he had difficulties finding a wrestling facility to train at, so he gave jiu jitsu a try.

There, he met his future coach Rodrigo Cabral at the Brazilian Fight Factory Academy. Steele improved very quickly, using his years of training in wrestling to his advantage. After competing as a blue belt, he got awarded his purple belt in June of 2015, when he was already competing in jiu jitsu competitions full-time at 20 years old.

His coach Rodrigo Cabral honored his great performances in gi as well as no-gi competitions by giving him his brown belt in January of 2018. Just two years later, Kody Steele was a BJJ black belt ready to compete against some of the best grapplers in the world.

Most notably, Steele won the 2019 Eddie Bravo Invitational combat jiu jitsu event, a submission grappling tournament in which open-handed strikes are permitted when one or both competitors are on the canvas.

He holds wins over impressive names like Andy Varela, Jed Hue, Edwin Najmi, PJ Barch, and UFC fighter Philip Rowe.

In 2021, he decided to dip his toes into striking while pursuing an MMA career. He trains his striking at Ambush Muay Thai. The Washington native had his first striking tournament in April, after training striking for just about 5 months prior. He was able to win this first tournament and followed it up with his amateur MMA debut in August at Fury FC 49, winning a fight he dominated by TKO in the third round.

Non-stop competing against high level athletes in grappling in the meantime, he turned around to fight at Fury FC 54 for the amateur welterweight title, discussed above, on November 21.

Steele told MMA-Prospects that he wants to pursue MMA full time now and is planning to make his professional debut in February of next year.

“I wanna show people that I have hands and to, honestly, forget that I can [out]grapple them.”

Like many aspiring mixed martial artists, Steele has set a goal of one day fighting in the UFC Octagon.