CES 67 Recap: George goes the distance for 5-0; Goff rallies for second title

George goes the distance

If you want something, it’s worth working for.

After running off four first round finishes, Eddy George had to work a bit more for his fifth professional win on the CES 67 main card on Friday night at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.

The Connecticut native had to work and wear on Miami’s Emiliano Calderon (1-2) for the victory.

Calderon was throwing heat, so George backed him up into the cage and started to work for a takedown. He couldn’t get the takedown, but did look to get Calderon a bit tired.

It was more of the same in the second round for George. He worked Calderon on the feet, backed him up, and this time, got the takedown.

Calderon worked his way back up, George got him down again, and this time he was able to lace the legs and finish the round on top.

The third round was a bit of the same for George, other than one mistake. He got a takedown and was working Calderon against the fence and hit him with a pair of knees: one connected to the sternum but the second was close enough to the head for Calderon to protest.

That got the ref to stop the action momentarily and warn George.

It didn’t matter though.

George got another takedown, his fourth of the night and maintained control of Calderon on the ground. So, for the first time, not only did George have to get past the first round, but he had to go to the judge’s scorecards.

One would think that he won’t make that a habit, as one judge awarded Calderon the decision, 29-28. The other two had it 30-27 for George.

Goff goes for, gets more gold

In the main event, Billy Goff rallied after Justin Sumpter emptied the tank in most likely a 10-8 round one to defeat his foe and win the vacant CES middleweight title.

Sumpter started off the fight with an incredible first round.

He did get taken down by Goff but got right up, took Goff’s back, and delivered a hellacious suplex and then worked around to his back.

Sumpter had three or four spots where he could have finished.

He had Goff flattened out on the ground with both a rear naked choke and ground and pound, but Goff somehow survived.

“Small adjustments,” Goff said. “Circle. Pump the jab. You just can’t sit there and take punches up a weight class.”

Goff got a takedown in round two and just rained down elbows and punches until it was waved off and he was crowned the new middleweight champ.

“No one has done this,” Goff said of winning his second CES title in four weeks. “Seven days notice. Up a weight class. UFC, call me. I want a contract. I want to run through this division.”

Event highlights elsewhere on the card

Harris Bonfiglio (4-1) was impressive in the second fight of the night.

The first round was a scrambling and grabbling clinic as he got Jason Huntley’s back several times and nearly got an armbar at the end of the round.

There was no close in round two.

Huntley got a takedown, Bonfiglio quickly reversed it and got the armbar 42 second in.

The 30-year old Bonfiglio from Gilford, CT is a real problem on the ground and his only pro loss was to Bellator bantamweight contender Jornel Lugo (8-0).

Following George’s win, Juri Panferov (2-0) was impressive with a first round armbar win over Mus’Aib Baiyina (4-3).

Connecticut’s Mike Kimbel (4-3) turned the tide on Tristan Lindi (2-5). Lindi got aa pair of big takedowns,  but Kimbel grabbed his neck and snatched the guillotine. The 25-year old Kimbel had his first six fights in Bellator.

Armus Guyton (6-2) knocked off Pat Casey (8-5) with a rear naked choke in a non-stop fire fight.

Guyton nearly connected on a spinning wheel kick before pushing Casey up against the fence and taking his back.

Casey Norton and Pedro Villa kicked off the night at flyweight.

Norton got a pair of takedowns in the first round, one in the second and held off Villa clinch work in round three to earn the 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 split decision.