While divisional rankings for the UFC, MMA’s unquestioned leader, abound, it can be harder to find well-researched and regularly maintained rankings for other promotions.

At MMA-Prospects, we aim to bring you, the avid MMA fan, up-to-date and properly formulated rankings for some of the world’s many MMA promotions.

Using a methodology that rewards recent successes, head-to-head fight results, and official promotional standings, the rankings available on this tab seek to provide context on the status of several major or mid-major MMA promotions.

To date, MMA-Prospects has constructed rankings for Poland’s KSW, Bahrain’s BRAVE CF, Japan’s RIZIN, and the U.K.’s Cage Warriors. Those rankings – should they not immediately be present on the site – will be released shortly.

Special thanks to MMA-Prospects contributors Gary Friel, Yousef Nassar, Billy Nayden, Sergio Pineiro, and Ryan Fortune for their hard work and dedication toward promoting the sport.

Please click on the name of the promotion for which you are trying to find divisional rankings in the “Rankins” tab.