How Does The Worldwide Prospect Report Work?

The worldwide prospect report is a series by’s James Colwell that aims to deliver a brief recap of top prospects every week. It is presented in a ranked list, with winners and losers moving up and down rankings and tiers.

This page will briefly explain how the rankings work every week:

The lists for every weight class are large and managed by Colwell. Some weight classes contain more than 350 fighters, with others like heavyweight or light heavyweight having around 100.

The prospects on these lists are ranked one by one, but also in tiers that help classify them better as it can be hard to compare talent from different parts of the world. The tiers range from .5 up to 10, in increments of .5 (.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and so on), with the goal that fighters in a similar tier are roughly equally skilled. These tiers contain many more fighters at the lower rankings, as there are countless prospects across the world who are worth watching but most are yet to face the quality of competition needed to distinguish themselves.

Most fights are viewed by Colwell in full or through highlight, allowing him to write descriptions for the report. However, some fights aren’t necessarily viewed. With that being said, those fights are still weighed in the rankings.

The goal for the report is to highlight prospects on the regional scene. That’s why you won’t see fighters from the UFC, Bellator, PFL or ONE in the list often unless they are young, inexperienced or entering the promotion under exceptional circumstances.

The rankings are not perfect. If you disagree or feel like someone is being left out, feedback is welcome. The site @MMAProspectscom can be contacted at any time regarding it, or feel free to write to James at